Ready Mix, Precast Concrete Washout

Color Pigment Washout:

Color washout costs Ready Mix companies’ profit in lost time and labor due to lengthily cleaning out requirements. CETCO offers a toss-in solution to this problem allowing for quick truck turnaround. SlurrySep™ floc causes the pigment to flocculate, coagulate and settle in the first pit for easy clean out.

Cement Fines:

Cement Fines and suspended solids typically migrate throughout the pits creating excess labor during clean out. CETCO SlurrySep™ causes rapid settling and prevents suspended solids from entering the subsequent pits. This reduces clean out time to a single pit and solids will not go back into a cloudy state.


Concrete Slurry from sawing and cement fines produced from equipment washout is easily managed with SlurrySep™. Clean recycled water is always available for reuse when cutting precast panels. Water is treated for proper discharge.


Highway & Airport Grinding & Grooving

By adding SlurrySep into the modified water tanker, suspended solids quickly fall down and the water returning to the grinder stays clean for the entire work shift. It also aids in tanker cleanout back at the slurry pit. SlurrySep also works well with asphalt slurry.

Concrete Sawing & Drilling

Water control and slurry disposal is a daily job site problem. SlurrySep helps in allowing reuse of water and aids in slurry disposal. SlurryDry acts as a water dam during core drilling to prevent it from running down to the floor below.

Concrete & Terrazzo Floor Polishing

Wet polishing and floor prep produces large quantities of slurry. SlurryDry can be used to solidify on the floor or inside the vacuum. SlurrySep can be used in the final polishing stages to separate and dispose of most of the water before solidification. Dump fees and sludge haulers can be eliminated.

Stone, Granite & Brick Veneer

Veneer stone is becoming a popular architectural addition to residential and commercial buildings. Slurry produced during the sawing stage can be easily managed with SlurrySep. By adding SlurrySep to a ground pit or above ground weir tanks, water can be cleaned and reused many times.

Hydro Demolition

Hydro demolition is used in many applications including bridge deck concrete removal. During the removal process, large quantities of slurry water is produced, normally over environmentally sensitive rivers. By treating the water with SlurrySep, it is practical to reuse the water, producing an overall reduction in wastewater volume.